Adigo Man Elite No Gas Body Spray - Casual 120 ml (Case Size - 24)

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Start off your day with a puff of newness with the ultra-cool Adigo man elite casual body spray for men. A relieving scent, light in its essence but extreme in its enchantment. A unique blend of mellow, hoisting fragrances, this body spray is a trip of rapture and a journey of coolness that improves your day and adds life to it. Brilliant, baffling smells are present in this premium mixture. The consonant intrigue of this enduring aroma mitigates your faculties and quiets your brain, getting a general loveliness to your tedious day. The body spray has rich notes of Aromatic, Citrus, Spicy, and Amber Fragrance. 


  • They are infused with Natural Essential Oils from Spain, which provide an invisible protection
  • Masks Odour & Antibacterial
  • No Burning Sensation
  • Comes with the Promise of Freshness
  • Citrus, Spicy, and Amber Fragrance

How To Use:- 

Step 1 : Shake well.

Step 2 : Hold can 10 - 15 cm away from underarm and body.

Step 3 : Push down to spray gently.


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