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Adigo Man Xtreme Deodorant - Sport 165ml (Case Size-24)

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Adigo man xtreme sport deodorant is an Antiperspirant which provides stench and wetness security. This Antiperspirant for men goes on simple and shields you from sweat and personal stench. A high Degree antiperspirant for men has an incredible sweat management. This present men’s deodorant has a powerful fragrance that mixes lively lemon, marine, and woody essence, with a trace of masculine musk. This Antiperspirant for men pummels sweat to negligible levels.


  • They are infused with Natural Essential Oils from Spain, which provide an invisible protection.
  • Masks Odour & Antibacterial.
  • No Burning Sensation.
  • Comes with the Promise of Freshness.
  • lemon, marine and woody essence.

How To Use:- 

Step 1 : Always shake the deodorant well.

Step 2 : Hold deodorant can 15 cm away from underarm and body.

Step 3 : Push down to spray gently.


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