Adigo Man Xtreme Deodorant - Casual 165ml, Intense 165ml & Sport 165ml

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Try the exciting tri-pack of our Adigo man deodorant and body spray series.  An ideal method to keep sweat under control, Adigo man Xtreme casual deodorant has a place in the Mass premium aroma section and draws your out of control side successfully. Rich and serious, this arrangement of intriguing fragrances of Adigo Xtreme intense deodorant fills your faculties with a loveliness that causes you to feel alive all as the day progresses. Adigo man Xtreme sport deodorant is an Antiperspirant that provides stench and wetness security. 


This Adigo Tripack is infused with Natural Essential Oils from Spain, which provide invisible protection.

Masks Odour & Antibacterial.

No Burning Sensation.

Comes with the Promise of Freshness.

Adigo man Xtreme casual deodorant keep sweat under control; Adigo Xtreme intense deodorant makes you feel alive all day ; Adigo man Xtreme sport deodorant provides stench and wetness security; 


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