Inflame Woman Elite No Gas Body Spray - Casual 120ml (Case Size-24)

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Inflame women elite casual bodyspray has a charming sensation of freshness with the amalgamation of positivity & cheerfulness which adds to the confidence of a woman.     It draws out the happy and young lady in you and expresses your feminity with distinction. It comes with the essence of Fruity, Floral, Musk, and Woody Fragrance. It provides an after-shower effect to your body by shielding you against sweat and odor.


  • They are infused with Natural Essential Oils from Spain, which provide an invisible protection.
  • Masks Odour & Antibacterial.
  • No Burning Sensation.
  • Comes with the Promise of Freshness.
  • Fruity, Floral, Musk, and Woody Fragrance.

How To Use:- 

Step 1 : Always shake the deodorant well.

Step 2 : Hold deodorant can 10 - 15 cm away from underarm and body.

Step 3 : Push down to spray gently.


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